Nutritional Composition of Ecuadorian Traditional Dishes

Foto Cortesía: José Alvarado

Foto Cortesía: José Alvarado

In Ecuador you will find various and delicious dishes made from corn most of them.


These meals are high in calories and it is very important to remember the amount that we will serve.


In Ecuador the food is served very large portions. 100 g of a meal is about the size of a cell phone 4 x 2 inches.


Here I have placed a list of the main Ecuadorian dishes made with the most common ingredients, but remember, the recipe may vary from one city to another and therefore the amount of calories.


Traditional Dish Name (100 g)

Nombre del Plato Típico (100 g)

Calories Kcal
Calorías Kcal
Protein g
Proteínas g
Total Fat g
Grasas g
Total Carbohydrate g
Carbohidratos g
Empanadas de Morocho/ Stuffed bread or pastry baked or fried 345 4.1 18.4 40.7 Morocho is a special grain.
Peas, potatoes, steamed meat known as carne guisada and varieties of vegetables.
Guatita / Beef tripe stew in potato peanut sauce 94 6.7 3.3 9.3 Beef tripe, juice of 1 lemon, cilantro sprigs, garlic, cumin, peanut butter, milk, butter, red onion, white onion, pepper, tomato, achiote or annatto powder, oregano, potatoes.
Meal is accompanied by: white rice, onion curtido or pickled red onions, tomato slices, avocado slices and aji or hot sauce.
Ecuadorian Humitas/ Mashed corn steamed in their own leaves with cheese. 198 4.0 7.9 27.7 Fresh grated corn meal, butter, grated cheese, salt, flour, eggs.
Sal Prieta.Ecuadorian typical dressing. It is very appetizing and consumed especially during breakfast, snacks and as an ingredient in various dishes in the city of Manabi. 491 25.4 33.3 30.4 Toasted cornmeal peeled and roasted peanuts, Ground cumin, ground pepper, chopped, annatto, cilantro, oil, pork lard,Salt and pepper to taste.
Caldo de salchicha morcilla o manguera/ soup made of pig intestines stuffed with blood and rice. 54 8.5 1.6 1.5 Pig Guts, pig Blood, rice, cabbage, red onion,  green pepper, garlic, oregano, cilantro,  green plantains, mint, annatto, salt, black pepper, cumin.
Yahuarlocro/ a potato soup made with blood sausage, avocados and onions. 63 3.2 1.6 9 Entrails of lamb, lamb blood, potatoes, roasted peanuts, white onion and cilantro, oregano leaves, garlic, pepper, oil.
Morocho con leche / Spiced Hot Milk with corn. 57 1.6 0.1 12.5 Dried cracked corn, milk, sticks cinnamon, raisins, orange rind grated, fresh lemon rind grated, vanilla extract, sugar, and cloves.
Moncaibas/ tradicional sweets. 463 6.5 22.7 64.4 Butter, wheat flour, sugar, egg, milk.
Quesadillas/ small cake. 406 13.6 11.9 61 Eggs, butter, flour, egg yolks, cream cheese, potato starch, powdered sugar.
Chicha de Jora/ Fermented corn beverage. 4 0.3 0 1.0 Corn and different varieties, cassava, rice, peanuts, oats, quinoa, brown sugar, spices, pineapple, wild fruit, guava, apple, orange.
Tamal de gallina / traditional dish made out of masa (corn – based dough with a filling). 219 5 7.4 33.1 Cornmeal, pork fat, butter, egg yolks, egg whites, cream cheese, chicken meat, onion, annatto, garlic.
Tortilla de maíz/ corn pancakes 250 6 12.1 31.8 Corn, eggs, lard, sugar, salt, cheese.

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